Welcome to the International Water AV Competition

The results are out. Thank you to all participants and especially our judges.

Devastating floods regularly inundate large areas of the world, as far apart as India and England. Parts of Africa, and elsewhere, suffer crippling droughts at the same time. Serious pollution of rivers and groundwater is ever more prevalent and concerning. On the other hand, water in the form of waterfalls, seascapes, icebergs and rivers, to name a few, is photogenic and awe-inspiring.

One entry is allowed per author in EITHER the Documentary section OR the Photo harmony section. The winning entry in the Documentary section will be a compelling AV addressing one (or more) of the world's challenging water issues with emotion and a strong message. The winner of the Photo harmony section will impress the jury with first-class photography and a masterful synthesis of images and appropriate sound on a theme of water.

"We never know the worth of water 'till the well is dry." Thomas Fuller, Gnomologie, 1732

Entry is free and entries from around the world are invited.

Registration will be from 18th October 2016 to 1st November 2016 at https://avmakers.typeform.com/to/gBXTht

You may register for reminders and updates through the year at https://avmakers.typeform.com/to/bv5jlm

Here is the full brochure with revised rules:

Some ambiguity has been removed and the rules tidied up.

Competition Director: Jeff Morris

updated: 2016-05-24