We are scattered all over South Africa and getting together is a rare event. We do have workshops and meetings in Gauteng and Cape Town but not all of us can attend these for various reasons.

To address this gap, we are going to save all sorts of useful tips and help here. We are all at different levels of expertise with the product we use so some of this information is going to be old hat to some of you but we hope of value to others.

Every product like PTE, Wings and ProShow has comprehensive help available on-line. Here is some from the PTE site. Proshow has help here and the Wings website is here. We will not try to reinvent the wheel. However, there are little things that some of us have worked out that others may want to try for themselves.

We welcome contributions here from all members for any product. If you have a particular request, let us know and we will try to put something together.

To get the ball rolling, here is a tip for overlaying two images but giving the top one faded edges.

Download and Unzip. Play tutorial1.exe. Load tutorial1.pte into Pictures to exe to see exactly what the project looks like.