We have had requests to make the results of previous South African digital AV salons available in a convenient location

Garden Route National 2018

PSSA National 2018

PECC International 2018

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"Life" International Theme Competition by AV Makers 2017

2017 PSSA National AV Salon

VSS Creative AV Salon 2017

Members of AV Makers won three PSSA medals, three COMs and three Acceptances, making AV Makers the most successful club in this competition.

2016 International “WATER” Competition by AV Makers South Africa

National Photographic Club National AV Salon 2017

Impala Platinum AV Salon 2016

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Impala Trophy 2015-16 and year results from AV Chairperson

2016 PSSA National AV Salon

PCCC Salon 2016

(AV results at the end)

Port Elizabeth International

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AV Makers IYL Competition "LIGHT" 2015

CTPS 125th Anniversary AV Salon 2015

2015 Impala Trophy Results

2015 PSSA National AV Salon

2015.05.25 - Knysna/George National AV Salon 2015

2014.11.15 - 1st Lowveld AV Salon (date revised)

Revised brochure

2014.08.02 - East Rand Super Circuit – Digital, Prints and Audio Visual

Brochure v4e Brochure v5b Results Revised results

2014.07.15 - PSSA National AV Salon - Our Natural World

Port Elizabeth International AV Salon 2014

Cape of Good Hope 333 AV Salon - 2013

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Open section 19 entries, documentary 9, music and song 5.

Pretoria Super Circuit Salon 2013

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PSSA Congress AV Competition 2013

Adri van Oudheusden for PSSA NATIONAL CONGRESS AV AWARD for her sequence titled “Memories of Trees”
Mary Hunter PSSA CERTIFICATE for “Weskus Klong”
Adri again, a PSSA COM for “BEE”

2nd PAVC AV Salon 2013

1st PAVC National Salon 2012

1st Pretoria Super Circuit AV Results 2012

Results as on PSSA website

Results as on PSSA website 10th August 2012

Final AV results as at prizegiving on 24th March 2012:

PSSA Silver medals

Hein Lass Onder in my Whisky Glas
Hein Waschefort A pantomime
Friso Woudstra Ghost town
Johan Niemand The Fire Engine
Jeff Morris Shoplifting
Johan Niemand The Fire Engine

Runners-up PSC Gold medals

Colyn Serfontein Phantom guitar
Friso Woudstra Ghost town
Alex Maree Bad to the bone
Jeff Morris Shoplifting
Johan Niemand The Fire Engine
Colyn Serfontein Strawberries

Scan of Prize giving programme

1st MFFC AV Salon 2009

2nd MFFC AV Salon 2010

3rd MFFC AV Salon 2011

First known digital AV Circuit 2007

Jill Sneesby won this overall with Caminita la Boca
Other acceptances were gained by L van der Walt, C Daly, F Reuvers, J van der Walt, H Waschefort, J Grosse, N Beyers, R Hazell and H Venter.
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1st PECC AV Salon 2009

Acceptances were awarded to A de Jager, P Rixom, H Waschefort, F Woudstra, L Neethling, J Grosse, R Hazell, E Booysen and T Nel.