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PAVC annual member club competition for 2012 (CLOSED)

The following entries were received:
A-A boy's dream Anneke Oerlemans Winner - Advanced Section
A-Arniston Neels Beyers
A-Aspects of Spring 16 10 Toni Ballotta
A-Bethulie-Jeff Morris
A-Burning rubber 5 Jeff Morris
A-Colours of rust 6 Toni Ballotta
A-Gordon Bennett-Mary Hunter
A-Hans Herre_Short 2 dieter de lange
A-In 1900 Ria Katzke
A-Market Mutts and their Dogs-Mary Hunter
A-Matjiesfontein 5 Neels Beyers
A-Popcorn Anneke Oerlemans
A-The Naturalists and Nudists-Johan Nieman
A-The Polygynist from Kij-Kij-Johan Nieman
A-The Power of Shape Arthur Fitt
A-The Seven 'Days' of Creation Arthur Fitt
B-A Miracle of Flowers Eric Thorburn Tied 1st Place Beginner Section
B-Berg River Canoe Marathon Louisa Scheepers
B-Da Kitties Germa Hattingh
B-Elephants John Arseniou VIDEO_TS
B-Flights of Fantasy Koos Pieters
B-Freeman's Rocks Roman Vogt
B-Happiness is John Arseniou VIDEO_TS
B-JAVA Louisa Scheepers
B-Klopjag 10 Jaar Nico Strydom
B-PAMPOEN Steve Hofmeyr Len Cousins
Tied 1st Place Beginner Section
B-Secrets of the Namib Koos Pieters

1st Postal AV Competition 2011 (CLOSED)

These entries were received

02-02-1-Hillbrow 12.8.2011
03-03-1-Ruins alive
04-04-1-Fire and Renewal
06-05-1-Water works
07-06-1-Diamonds are Forever
08-07-1-Shaped by the Wind 1024
09-08-1-The old mill
10-09-1-Dust Eaters
11-10-1-The Bench
12-11-1-Rocky's Holiday
13-12-1-Nkosi Sikelel 'iAfrika

15-92-2-Experimental-Enola Gay Nuut 10.8.2011
16-95-2-Experimental-Flying to Croatia
17-98-2-Experimental-Aspects of Spring 3