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Photographic Society of South Africa Patronage "B"Audio Visual enthusiasts, from South Africa only, are cordially invited to enter the Second Pretoria Audio Visual Club AV salon

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Salon report

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2nd PAVC Audio Visual Salon - 2013Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA) Patronage BResults

Judges (from the UK)

    • Jill K. Bunting CPAGB (A)
    • Keith Leedham FRPS EFIAP (B)
    • John Smith APAGB CPAGB (C)
(judges choices are indicated by A, B and C below)

Section A – Documentary and tourism

Skokholm - Clive Rathband FRPS FPSSA EFIAP
1st - PSSA Silver medal
Lest we forget - Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA
2nd - PAVC Gold medal
In 1900 - Ria Katzke APSSA AFIAP

Burning rubber II - Jeff Morris LRPS APSSA AFIAP

Innishannon - Mary Hunter APSSA

The silver teaspoon - Jeff Morris LRPS APSSA AFIAP

Section B – Music, poetry and song

Hold me tight - Ria Katzke APSSA AFIAP
1st - PSSA Silver medal
Green door - Ingrid Fraser
2nd - PAVC Gold medal
Red Indian People - Patricia Hutchison

Brazilia - Dieter De Lange

Pampoen - Len Cousins

Section C – Other

Across the line - Ingrid Fraser
1st - PSSA Silver medal

Anatomy of an accident - Adri Van Oudheusden FPSSA
2nd - PAVC Gold medal
Crazy Flight !! - Juan Venter
TAF Photo Club

Faces of Zanzibar - Hannelore and Heiner Seifart
The Grid !! - Juan Venter
TAF Photo Club

Hope - Arthur Fitt

PAVC Chairman’s Medal

Ingrid Fraser C.T.P.S

Trophy for most successful club

1st C.T.P.S (72 points)
2nd PAVC (61 points)

2nd PAVC Audio Visual Salon - 2013
Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA) Patronage B

Salon Report

Salon Director: Jeff Morris LRPS APSSA AFIAP PO Box 912 805

Telephone: 012 803 2105 / 082 840 5459 0127 Silverton


The results of this salon are given in a separate document and are available on the salon website: and .

We give our sincerest congratulations to all the successful entrants and our thanks to all participants for making the salon a success by entering. If you were an unsuccessful entrant, please do not give up with this fabulous hobby. To succeed you need to practice and practice and practice.

We received 51 entries from 32 authors/teams. There were no disqualifications. The overall acceptance level was 33%, one percent less than last year. The following table gives the number of entries per section and acceptances:

  • Documentary and tourism
    • 17 entries, 6 acceptances
  • Music, poetry and song
    • 14 entries, 5 acceptances
  • Other
    • 20 entries, 6 acceptances

Congratulations to C.T.P.S. who won the Most Successful South African Club Floating Trophy for a second time, with PAVC in second place. There is still a strong presence of Audio Visual in the Cape, which we have noted before.

We would like to acknowledge the help of our judges in the smooth running of the salon. They had a huge task that they completed professionally and without complaint. They provided valuable feedback on every entry that will be circulated to authors. Here is a little about them.

Jill K. Bunting CPAGB:Jill has been interested in photography for as long as she can remember and began taking slides over 30 years ago. Having worked in the computer industry for over 25 years, Jill quickly took to the Digital era beginning by making the soundtracks for her slide sequences on the computer and creating images in Photoshop.

In March 1995 Jill successfully gained her CPAGB. She has gained Acceptances in several International Festivals over the years with Slide/Tape sequences and still gives shows to local groups with these.

Jill is a member of the North Wales & Wirral AV Group and is keen to encourage more people to become involved in AV & has helped to form an AV Group within Abergele Camera Club.

In 2005 she started making Digital sequences, having ‘played around’ with PicturesToExe (PTE) for about 3 years. Initially made for a fun competition at Wilmslow Guild, her sequence ‘The Colour Thief’ went on to win the FIAP Silver medal in the 2008 IAC Geoffrey Round International Competition and has done well elsewhere. Jill’s sequences have always been imaginative, even simple ‘Pictures to Music’ have had a creative edge to them. The digital media allows for much more creativity than could ever be achieved in slides, but she believes the basic principles for good AV still apply.

John Smith APAGB CPAGB: John gained his CPAGB award in 1999 and in 2001 his name was placed on the L&CPU Roll of Honour for outstanding services to the Union and in 2007 he was granted the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain award, APAGB, for Meritorious Service to the Union and its member clubs. His name is on both the L&CPU ‘Lecturers and Judges’ list as well as the PAGB approved AV Judges’ list.

In 1997 he joined the Wilmslow Guild AV Group. He gained a PAGB ribbon for ‘Passing Time’ in the 2000 Great Northern AV Competition. John was awarded the Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union ‘Jackass Trophy’ in February 2007 for his sequence ‘The Messiah’. A totally remade version of the Messiah was awarded a Highly Commended in the 2007 National AV Championships. Apart from other awards, this AV won the PSSA Gold Medal in the ‘Humour’ section of the 2011 South African MFFC International Salon.

Keith Leedham FRPS EFIAP: Keith won the RPS International AV Festival in 2012 with ‘For the sake of example’. Among other awards, this AV has also been chosen for the Paternoster Festival.

He is on the PAGB List of approved AV Judges and he is judge coordinator for the 2013 NAVC in England.

We thank Frank Reuvers Hon FPSSA FPSSA (Dux) EPSSA EFIAP for vetting the results on behalf of PSSA.

Future salon directors should be aware that breaking-even financially with an AV salon is not easy with this limited number of entries. The costs of going the remote judging route are not high but the income from 32 authors barely covers courier postage to judges and results postage and packing.

With seven AV salons having been held since 2008, it is possible to view trends regarding numbers of authors participating and number of entries received. (The 3rd MFFC salon was an international salon but the numbers relate only to South African participants.) The trend is disturbingly downwards in both number of authors and number of entries. (Graphic is in the downloadable version.)

On the other hand it was heartening to see a number of new ‘faces’ in this salon. Some of these, like Ingrid Fraser, Patricia Hutchison, Len Cousins and Juan Venter won acceptances, or medals.

As in the past three MFFC AV Salons and 1st PAVC Salon, a Chairman’s Medal has been awarded to a promising newcomer. It is very heartening to see that previous recipients of this award are amongst the acceptances of, and participants in, this salon. We congratulate Ingrid Fraser on being awarded the PAVC Chairman’s Medal this year.

Two of the judges commented on AVs being entered in wrong sections. They considered that some could have done better had they been in a different section. There is a need for standardisation of sections and definitions of what each means from the side of PSSA and Salon Directors. Such definitions are readily available from the Australian PS and RPS, as starting points. On the other hand, participants need to consider the placement of their entries by section for the best result.

Jeff Morris LRPS APSSA AFIAP Salon Director


Anneke Oerlemans

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List of authors

Adri Van Oudheusden FPSSA
Anneke Oerlemans
Arthur Fitt
Dieter De Lange
Eric Thorburn APSSA
Francois Roux Hon FPSSA FPSSA AFIAP.
Gert Lamprecht
Hannelore and Heiner Seifart team
Hannelore Seifart
Hans Slaghuis AFIAP FPSSA APSSA (vers.)
Hayley Dill
Hesté De Beer
Ingrid Fraser
Joan Ryder Rathband FRPS FPSSA
Johan Nieman
Joy Wellbeloved
Juan Venter
Len Cousins
Louisa Scheepers
Luana Laubscher LPSSA
Marieta Lamprecht
Mary Hunter APSSA
Neels Beyers APSSA (vers)
Nellian Bekker
Patricia Hutchison
Robert Maginley
Roman Vogt AFIAP
Toni Ballotta+ APSSA AFIAP