2015 club championships
All paid-up members are cordially invited to enter the 2015 Club Championships

The Entry form is available here.

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Enquiries: Jeff Morris LRPS APSSA AFIAP

Telephone: +27 12 803 2105 Mobile: +27 83 840 5459
Email: avmakerssouthafrica@gmail.com

Delivery options for entries:

1) Internet transfer (preferred) DO TRANSFER BETWEEN 2ND AND 9TH SEPTEMBER PLEASE!

The file size of a sequence should not exceed 250Mb when submitted via an Internet service provider.

2) Post:

AV Makers
PO Box 912 805, Silverton 0127
(Use the Post Office and Postnet at your own risk. The closing date will not be extended in the event of a strike occurring)

3) Courier and Hand deliveries

164 Hoëveld Street, Meyerspark, Pretoria 0184

AVs of any size may be submitted on CD or DVD (by post, courier or hand delivery).

Championships TIMETABLE:

Wednesday 9th September 2015 Entries close
Wednesday 16th September 2015 Live Judging at KES, Johannesburg. Details will be sent to all entrants
Saturday 19th September 2015 Results published and emailed
Saturday 19th September 2015 Awards and DVDs posted (dependent on SA Post Office)



Dieter de Lange
Lesly Kearns
Tom Bayford
Roland Cundill
Peter Thomas LPSSA

Photo Harmony

Anne d’Oliveira APSSA
Bruce Hepburn
Franz Jesche FPSSA
Annecke Oerlemans
Eric Thorburn APSSA
Willem van der Post FPSSA

Judges are allowed to enter a section that they are not judging.
Judging will be ‘live’ with the jury reaching consensus together.
This exercise will be used to give junior judges experience in the judging of AVs under near-salon conditions. If any other member wishes to join the judging panels, they are most welcome to approach Jeff for inclusion.

Written comments on each entry will be provided to entrants who do not attend the judging session.


AV Makers Silver Medallions will be awarded to Section winners.
Certificates of Merit may be issued on the recommendation of the judges.
Entrants will be advised of results by email. Acceptance cards will not be issued.
Results will be published in our Newsletter.
A DVD with all entries will be distributed to each entrant by SA Post Office mail when possible. By entering the championship, authors give permission for such distribution. All works should therefore be valid for projection until at least 31st December 2015.

There are two categories – (1) Photo Harmony and (2) Audio Visual (see definitions below).

Photographers are encouraged to explore the photographic medium and to use it to communicate their own personal vision incorporating feeling, senses and imagination to the viewer. The photography is not restricted in any way, neither in subject matter nor manipulation during the taking or reproduction stages of the photography.

With the exception of documentary/archival works where third party images may be included, all images contributing to the final AV must be the original work of the photographer.

Entry is open to single entrants only.

Entrants may submit up to two (2) AVs. Each AV is limited to a maximum duration of 12 minutes.


Submission of an entry implies that the entrant has obtained any necessary licences or permission to use any copyright material included in the sequence. The use of archival third party images, irrespective of source, may be used only as documentary reference where it would have been impossible for the producer of the AV to have made the image himself. All third party images must be appropriately identified and credited on the entry form or separate document.

Resolution and Video content:

From 1024px x 768px (4:3 aspect ratio) up to 1920px x 1080px (16:9 aspect ratio) may be submitted.
Video may be included in the AV sequence but should not dominate the work.
Production format:
AVs must be self-extracting .exe productions returning to Desktop on exit. Sequences requiring additional software or special settings may be disqualified. Wings users must please submit their entry in MP4 format.


AVs may contain the entrant’s name.
Entrants may acknowledge the work of other artists (e.g. music) in the AV or on the entry form.
The Entry form is available now. Click here.
Enquire if you do not get an email confirming receipt of your entry by Wednesday 9th September 2015.
No entries will be returned.


R50.00 per entrant (one or two AVs). Note that you membership must be current – membership renewals (R100.00 per annum) need to be done in June 2015 or together with your entry.

Payments must be made by electronic transfer to:
AV Makers
Capitec Account number 1409719802 Branch code 47 00 10 NB New account number
Use “Champ” + your Surname + Name as reference on the bank transfer.
No cash deposits please. If you have to deposit cash, please add R20.

Definition of Photo Harmony (from Bridgend 5-8 Competition)

(no words or story necessary)
Photo Harmony is intended to demonstrate skill in the production and visual progression of still images linked to sound. No words or story with a specific beginning, middle and ending are required. The emphasis is on matching the images with appropriate transitions and harmonising them with the sound. Video clips are not allowed in the sequence.

Techniques: The purpose is to display a set of images which harmonise with each other and with the sound used. The sequence should be constructed so that images progress harmoniously in terms of colour or tone and graphic design. The aim is not to display images which may be excellent when considered individually but which fail to harmonise with each other and with the sound chosen. It is recommended that the sound and the images start and finish together and that the original ending of the music is preserved rather than an arbitrary fade-out.

As with all techniques, digital manipulation can easily be overdone and result in an effect counter-productive to the one intended. Such modifications should be carefully matched to the overall concept being communicated by the images.

Definition of Audio Visual (from AV Salon Director’s Manual 2014)

(storyline essential with specific beginning, middle and ending)
An Audio Visual (AV) is a compilation of still images, which may include movie/video clips, with an integrated theme or storyline where audio, transitions and images are interdependent. An effective sequence will therefore have unity of the various elements, i.e.: the conception, the visuals, the audio, communication and technique. Artistic expression within it can take many forms and is only limited by the author’s imagination and creativity.

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